Characteristics of eco-pea

Its ecological properties make it more and more popular among our partners. As more and more products of lower quality appear on the market, K Investments makes every effort to ensure that the product offered to customers is sourced from the best manufacturers, and that its sales and distribution service functions in accordance with the highest standards.

Eco-pea is a solid fuel, which is produced from brown or hard coal and has the form of small granules, hence its name. It is possible to generate heat energy with its use thanks to special retort boilers. Due to its high calorific value, eco-pea is extremely efficient, which is why this product is so popular in Poland. The demand for eco-pea is extremely high. It has a low content of water, sulphur and non-flammable substances. After burning, only a negligible amount of harmful substances such as sulphur oxide is emitted into the atmosphere.

Comparing to other heating materials, eco-pea can in fact be called an ecological fuel. In addition, it is extremely economical due to its efficiency.

Warmth and safety

The size of the individual granules of eco-pea varies between 5 and 25 mm. This material requires the use of modern furnaces with a fuel dispenser. Such an automatic supply system is not only convenient, but also time saving for homeowners, because adding eco-pea to the oven can be done only once every few days. This is also safe, because during combustion only a small amount of carbon monoxide, dioxins or dust is produced, which could be harmful to health. It is therefore clear that eco-peas offers a modern form of heating that reduces the risk of household members being exposed to harmful substances.

Thanks to the lightness of eco-pea and the fact that even in winter the feeder needs to be refilled only every few days, even an elderly person can handle the operation of modern boilers. It is also much more convenient to heat a house with this kind of ecological fuel when you need to visit the boiler room only occasionally, without losing the heating level. This is an ideal option for those who are professionally active and have many responsibilities. There is no need to keep a constant watch over the stove and the amount of coal added. Once every few days you should also sweep out the ash and clean the boiler. There is no need to perform these tasks on a daily basis.

A high quality eco-pea

It is not uncommon to see products which merely resemble eco-pea. In reality, these will often be products that do not have the right properties. Those involved in the distribution and sale of such fraudulent material rely on the ignorance of consumers to sell completely inefficient material of low quality and with a low calorific value at the price of real eco-pea.

Fortunately, this can be avoided by buying only from proven coal depots, which have a good opinion among customers and have already made their reputation. Such places can certainly be trusted.

sacked eco-pea dakota

sacked eco-pea dakota texas

Best choice

Why is eco-pea so popular in Poland? Bagged pea has advantages that traditional heating methods lack. Of course, for many customers it is the efficiency that counts, which makes the price/performance ratio for this type of material very reasonable. We are increasingly concerned with protecting our environment, which is why eco-pea is also a great choice for the conscious consumer. We should not poison the environment in the process of creating heat. Another advantage, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that thanks to automatic dispensers, the use of eco-pea is extremely convenient. This material offers warmth with minimal involvement from home-dwellers.


We also pack coal. Eco-pea is sold in bags of 20 kg and 25 kg each.

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