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A rich and comprehensive offer

Our business is the provision of the finest raw materials (power coal, coking coal, anthracite, coke, carburizers, graphite, ores, ferroalloys, plastics, biomass) as well as their transport, for which purpose we use land, sea, rail and even air roads.

Cooperating with the finest

Our rich offer is used by key companies representing the most important branches of the economy of Eastern and Western Europe, both Americas, Asia and Africa, including: heating plants, coke plants, enrichment plants, recycling plants, lime and production plants, mixing plants, foundries, steelworks, sugar refineries, cement plants, brickyards, paper mills and intermediary companies.

Staffed by the best specialists

Our employees have extensive knowledge in the trading of raw materials. They are also constantly expanding and supplementing this knowledge by taking part in numerous trainings in Poland and abroad. They are well acquainted with current trends in the industry and fluently speak as many as 4 foreign languages.

About us

The Management Board of K Investments

Paweł Kowalów

president of the board

Jagienka Kowalów

vice-president of the board

Piotr Kowalów

vice-president of the board

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K Investments in Lisbon at the International Ferroalloys Conference

Our company, as a leading supplier of ferroalloys, participates in the international Ferroalloys conference, which is held from 11-13 November at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon.

K Investments was one of the attendees at the Coaltrans: The World Coal Leaders Network in Barcelona

K Investments as a participant in the fifth edition of Coaltrans Poland 2018 conference

About us

We deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

We have our own know-how, which allows us to offer the highest quality of services, perfectly tailored to your preferences and expectations.

Years of work in the industry have allowed us to develop our own system, which is fast, effective, safe, and guarantees you a quality of cooperation which you will not find anywhere else.

With many years of industry experience, we offer logistics solutions that provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your goods will always be delivered to the correct destination, and in addition will not suffer any quality loss.

Price conditions, delivery dates and a number of other variables are always adjusted to your individual needs, so that cooperation with us guarantees:

  • Effective delivery of products with no loss in terms of their high quality.
  • Stable terms of contract in a longer perspective.
  • Constant handling of the entire process of order fulfilment, including analyses of raw materials carried out by an independent laboratory.
  • The option to choose any form of packaging (BIG BAG, bags, containers).
  • Preparation of relevant documents as well as appropriate legal and financial safeguards of transactions.
  • A number of other options such as: crushing and screening of raw materials, shipment of raw materials in containers, selection of appropriate raw materials or proposing alternative ones, storage and enrichment of raw materials, mixing and preparation of goods to a given specification.


Import and export of fossil fuels

We distribute products sourced from the largest producers of fossil fuels and mineral resources in the world. A strong position on the market is an obligation, which is why we cooperate only with the best in the industry. We constantly expand our sales markets and introduce innovative technologies.

Our mission is the reliable distribution of fossil fuels all over the world. For years we have been successfully completing our clients' orders. If you are looking for a reliable solid fuel supplier, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists. We fuel the business.